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ISBNBook Name AuthorPriceYear
9789351307907Handbook of Food SafetyEBOrolugbagbe GboyegaRs 8995.002021
9789383285709Basic Food Science and TechnologyHBOrolugbagbe, GboyegaRs 1395.002017
9789383285716Diseases of Horticultural CropsHBBurton, DavidRs 1295.002020
9789383285761Forest PathologyPBBoyce, John ShawRs 595.002016
9789383285389Natural Economic Products: An Encyclopaedia in 11 Vols.HBPanda, Himadri, ArviRs 39995.002016
9789383285464Encyclopaedia of Agronomy in 3 Vols.HBBerner, FrankinRs 5495.002016
9789383285488Importance, Production and Processing of SeedsHBStefferud, AlfredRs 1595.002017
9789383285495Methods in Food MicrobiologyHBAnelich, NigelRs 1495.002017
9789383285501Impact of Climate Change on AgricultureHBSingh, Vinod & A P RRs 995.002017
9789383285518Agricultural Meteorology and PhysicsHBMilton, JohnRs 3295.002017
9789383285525Diseases of Vegetables and their ControlHBWezelman, TRs 2495.002017
9789383285532Diseases of Fruit CropsHBNwosu, ObasiRs 2195.002017
9789383285549Biological Control of Natural EnemiesHBGelana, AdmasuRs 1795.002017
9789383285556Handbook of Soil and InsectsHBSteffrud, AlfredRs 1195.002017
9789383285563Fruit BreedingHBAbraham, ZRs 2995.002024