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9789386595164Agricultural Biotechnology Applications and PracticesEBP SmithRs 9995.002018
9789386595263Agriculture Biotechnology Research and AnalysisEBP SmithRs 9995.002018
9789387695528Agriculture Genetics and BiotechnologyHBVasav, VidurRs 1795.002024
9789386595294Animal Biotechnology and Genetic EngineeringEBB S PaulRs 9995.002018
9789386595324Applied Agricultural BiotechnologyEBSmith, PRs 9995.002018
9789383285747Applied Agricultural BiotechnologyHBSmith, PRs 2195.002021
9789386595331Applied BiotechnologyEBP SmithRs 9995.002018
9789386595348Applied Biotechnology and MicrobiologyEBP SmithRs 9995.002018
9789386595355Applied Microbiology and BiotechnologyEBGetachew OseiRs 9995.002018
9789386595362Applied Nanotechnology in Agriculture Theory and PracticeEBJewell, C KRs 9995.002022
9789386595409Biochemistry and Plant GeneticsEBAkinloye GurnahRs 9995.002018
9789386595461Bioinformatics Tools and ApplicaionsEBC K JewellRs 9995.002018
9789386595478Biotechnology for Food Environment and AgricultureEBKaren, S TRs 9995.002018
9789386595485Biotechnology in Plant ImprovementEBSmith, PRs 9995.002022
9789386595492Biotechnology of Crop ScienceEBP SmithRs 9995.002018