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9789386595188Agricultural Ecology and EnvironmentEBSandra DuvenageRs 9995.002018
9789383285518Agricultural Meteorology and PhysicsHBMilton, JohnRs 3295.002017
9789386595201Agricultural Pollution and its ControlEBT Z JonahRs 9995.002018
9789386595249Agricultural Water Pollution and ManagementEBJonah, T ZRs 9995.002018
9789386595447Biodiversity and Ecology of Aquatic EnvironmentsEBT Z JonahRs 9995.002018
9789387642638Elements of the Nature and Properties of SoilsHBGusau, W LRs 2495.002018
9789383285143Encyclopaedia of Rural Management in 15 VolsHBMuniraju, S B & ManRs 19995.002014
9789383285396Encyclopaedia of Rural Management in 15 VolsHBMuniraju, S B & ManRs 0.002014
9789386595676Environmental Biotechnology and Pollution ControlEBDuvenage, SandraRs 9995.002018
9789386595683Environmental Biotechnology Principles and ApplicationsEBS T KarenRs 9995.002018
9789383285242Field Manual for Research in Agricultural HydrologyHBU S D ARs 1995.002015
9789387642706Fisheries EcologyHBIbrahim, SolomieRs 2495.002018
9789387695184Food Preservation and Waste OptimizationHBBora, Samir, IndraniRs 1995.002024
9789386595850Forest BiodiversityEBT Z JonahRs 10995.002018
9789387642751Forest BiodiversityHBJonah, T ZRs 2495.002018