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9789387642515Agricultural Insects Pests and their ControlHBPeters, IRs 2495.002018
9789387642522Agricultural Production Marketing and their ManagementHBVentura, KirosRs 2495.002018
9789386595218Agricultural Production Marketing and their ManagementEBVentura, KirosRs 9995.002022
9789383285938Chemistry of the PesticidesHBFrear, Donald E HRs 3395.002018
9789387695566Fruit Industry 2.0HBMartanda Bapatla, ElRs 1995.002024
9789387695498Fruit Industry: Basic HandbookHBShishir Brar, KanikaRs 1695.002024
9789386595058Fumigation MethodsHBJohnson, Willis GRs 2295.002018
9789387695139Handbook of Integrated Pest ManagementHBKarthav Bendapudi, CRs 2195.002024
9789387642195Horticultural Plant Diseases and their controlEBEsaiyas, TRs 10995.002018
9789387642867Horticultural Plant Diseases and their controlHBEsaiyas, TRs 2495.002018
9789392969379Modern Farm Business RelationsHBAdams, Edward F.Rs 4995.002023
9789351307082Natural Economic Products: An Encyclopaedia in 11 Vols.HBPanda, Himadri, ArviRs 0.002016
9789392969539Post-Harvest Insect Disease ManagementHBRuchika Sekh, NikhilRs 2995.002025
9789387695320Postharvest Handling: A Systems ApproachHBSamath BhattacharyulRs 2195.002024
9789352221899Practical Cold StorageHBCooper, MadisonRs 4995.002023